You are invited to play…Mission Possible: Spread L💗VE & Kindness

Valentine’s Day is 14-days away. I love having fun AND spreading kindness. So, I invite YOU to join me in this easy little game to spread love and kindness.

How to play:
1. Subscribe to this blog and you will receive daily “missions”. These missions, if you choose to accept them, are random acts of kindness. Inspirations for you to spread love and kindness to others.

2. Post pictures or written details of your “mission accomplished” to my Facebook page or comment on this blog post with #spreadlovingkindnessmissionaccomplished

3. Everyone who participates will receive the gift of happiness (this comes naturally when you spread love and kindness) and really, it’s the one thing we all want anyway, right?
Wait, there’s more…
Once you start giving love and kindness, you will become a magnet, an attracting force drawing love and kindness toward yourself! Who knows what goodness you will attract as you accomplish your daily missions to spread kindness and love?!?

We are two weeks out from the one day of the year dedicated to celebrating LOVE. Why not get a running start?

This message will not self destruct. If we are lucky, it will spread out like peanut butter on hot toast and before we know it, we will be lapping up gobs of global gooey goodness.


Share this game with your friends! Let’s see how many people will join our “Mission Possible”!


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