Mission P❤️ssible: Day 10

Today, your mission is:
Speak kindly about someone else.

Use your words to inspire and strengthen others.

You could write a letter to the manager of a store where you received excellent service.

Today, if someone is unkind to you, offer love and kindness back…trust me. It feels way better than returning the hatred.



3 thoughts on “Mission P❤️ssible: Day 10

  1. Nice mission for today! I did something similar last week for one of my random acts of kindness. It was in an administration office where the assistant was just being a little grumpy with me but I decided to use this as my opportunity to spread some kindness! It worked perfectly & stopped me from getting frumpy too ^^ You can read the post on my blog: https://misswalkingonsunshine.wordpress.com/2015/02/03/pay-it-forward-day-1-victim-of-my-own-administration/
    Hope you have a wonderful day & manage to spread kindness through words too! Lots of love&light xoxox


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