Mission P❤️ssible: Day 13

Today, your mission is:
Take time to teach someone else a skill that you know.


A well known proverb states that “If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime.”

Giving and teaching are both valiant acts of kindness.
But, there is something magical about teaching. When you teach, you give something beyond a transient material “thing”. Flowers, money, toys…those things go away. Knowledge. Knowledge is something that stays and grows and expands.
Through teaching, you give a piece of yourself. You plant a seed of love and kindness in someone else, which can grow and expand and spread.

Check out this amazing organization
Teach a Man to Fish
that believes education is the key to tackling youth unemployment and poverty worldwide. Their organization works with schools to set up school businesses. These businesses are both educational and profitable – teaching students business and entrepreneurial skills, and generating much-needed income for schools.
Providing a relevant education – that bridges the gap between school and work – means students leave school ready to get a good job or set up their own business, and reach their full potential in life.

What seed can you plant today? What knowledge do you have that you can share with someone else to improve their life or spread love?


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