Hidden notes.

Kindness is contagious.
Today, I opened up my purse at Costco and discovered two little notes written in marker hidden inside.

I love you Mom.

A simple gesture. A simple statement that made such a huge impact upon my day.
The cashier at Costco must’ve wondered what my enormous grin was for. I was literally glowing thinking of my two kiddos giggling and writing the notes with the intention of hiding them in my purse. I wonder what they were thinking as they tucked those special little notes inside my purse? They have seen me and helped me do random acts of kindness. Today, they were inspired to do one of their own!
(Talk about a mission accomplished).
If I can inspire just one person to do an act of kindness, then I consider my own mission accomplished. But, what if we all make it our mission to spread kindness every day and encourage others to do so?
We could change the world!

In honor of my inspiring children…
Your mission, if you choose to except it, is to write a kind note and hide it in someone’s purse, briefcase, or lunchbox.


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