Practice Patience

It’s Monday, so, I thought I would leave you with an act of kindness that is very simple.

In our busy society, we often are hurrying from one thing to the other. Our mind is focused on completing this step as quickly as possible so we can move on to what is next.
Occasionally, we encounter an obstacle. A stoplight. A trafficjam. An illness. Or, a shoelace that needs to be tied.
The one simple act of kindness that you can practice during these moments is patience.
Take a deep breath. Smile. And wait–patiently. 
Think about it, what will happen if you get to the next thing a few minutes late? In the grand scheme of your life, is a few minutes worth huffing and puffing about?  When we practice patience, we are doing an act of kindness for ourselves and for others.  Without any words, we are saying, “I respect you, I respect myself, I respect this moment.”
Today, your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to practice patience.

Good luck!


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